letters to the editor

As MP's representing constituencies in the North of England, we feel it is our duty to make the case for a high-speed rail network linking London with the North. We urge the Government not to be blown off course by the protests of a minority in the home counties.

High speed rail will reduce the North-South divide and help the Government to rebalance the economy. With reduced journey times between Leeds and London, the local economy could benefit to the tune of billions. By improving access to Heathrow and mainland Europe, the Government will help companies in the North to do business with international partners. The new network will create space on the East Coast and West Coast main lines.

Under Labour, the South East received the lion's share of funding for transport infrastructure. The recession has been worse in the North so there is an urgent need for increased investment in transport schemes that will benefit northern cities.

Simon Reevell MP; Andrew Jones MP; John Stevenson MP; David Mowatt MP; Stephen Mosley MP; Stuart Andrew MP;

Jason McCartney MP; Eric Ollerenshaw MP. (all Conservative).